My Experience with a Slip and Fall in NYC

My experience with a slip and fall in NYC

New York City attracts a buzz of shoppers from all over the world season in season out. As the world’s largest city with best shopping malls, it goes without saying that every weekend, let alone a holiday, converts the city into a beehive of different activities by people from all walks of life. I was among those busy seekers for the best fashion styles of women’s apparel last summer. Little did I know the kind of misfortune that awaited me. In hurry, I walked on confident because I had mastered the sidewalk I was using. All my focus was on what had brought me to the city. Then I was attracted by a pleasant apparel shop with glaring lights. This was worth my attention. I entered the shop and started examining my best deals. I had not discovered how slippery the floor was. Before selecting my best apparels, I was already down. Falling amidst a huge crowd wasn’t just painful and humiliating but really embarrassing. What an absurd situation?

‘Now, Now,’ I thought ‘I am injured and no more in the shopping mood’. I had somewhat been taken aback by this unexpected incident. Looking at the way a crowd expressed sympathy, it was obviously not my fault. I could have done nothing about it. With my skirt half-dusted and half wet, I couldn’t just withstand what I was going through. Besides, I had also sustained a knee injury. Though minor, the pain it caused was unbearable. The only solution was to seek a quick compensation. So who is responsible for sidewalk repair in NYC?

I had no idea how to sue a retail shop owner for recklessly spilling water on the floor. But I think a good number of shoppers who were well versed with the city knew how to go about my case. I was furious and quickly took my iPhone then took some pictures of the scene and ensured that it would serve as a perfect proof for my case. Then I was interrupted as I was busy searching for a good website for appropriate attorneys. The man who stood by my side requested a few minutes with me. We got back to my car and this is how he advised me to go about my situation:

First, I had to document the scene which of course I had done by taking the pictures of the scene. Then I was to seek quick medication and document my all treatment details. Though I was still planning on this, he offered a clear insight on how beneficial it would be. After undergoing medication with complete documentations, he advised that I was to seek an attorney who could handle my case. For this, he offered to assist me through. We exchanged
contacts and parted as I headed straight to the clinic.

Two days later, I was through with medication and I had all medical documents detailing the injury for which I had been treated and receipts to show what I had incurred as treatment costs. Then I called him and he linked me to the lawyer. We organized to meet and plan on how to go about the case. We have met twice with my lawyer and he has already assured me of compensation. He has advised me not to be worried as the fault belongs to the retail shop owner who spilled water on the floor without considering the effects. I am sure of succeeding in this case for two reasons: taking prompt action immediately after my slip and fall and finding an experienced attorney in handling slip and fall cases.

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