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My name is Kamil Trebunia and this is my home page. Welcome!

About me

Location: Cracow, Poland
Languages: Polish, English
Born: 23 January 1985
I am: programmer, enthusiast, disobedient student, idea generator, brainstormer, dancelearner, entrepreneur

I’m passionate about

Web Science. I’m interested mostly in Semantic Web (this one is my favorite topic), Social Web, modern interfaces, bleeding edge web technologies and more.
Dance. I like to watch almost every form of dance. I practice ballroom dance, and not so ballroom salsa. I hope to get involved into dance much more soon…

Career information

Areas of expertise

Web application interface development and this also includes RIAs deployed as a desktop applications (Adobe AIR, Gears).

I’m specializing in JavaScript, scalability issues, code maintainability and content accessibility for both humans (WCAG, WAI-ARIA) and machines (RDFa, Microformats).

Technologies I enjoy most are YUI Library, Ext JS, Adobe AIR, XHTML 2, HTML 5, RDFa.
If you like them too, then check source code of this page – you may find it interesting.

XHTMLized.com (telecommuting, worldwide)
I’m proud member of X-Team – group of passionates about developing Internet front-end of highest possible quality. Main role: JavaScript developer.
ffreak.net (this website)
I’ve always had notebooks full of ideas, also I could never resist to try bleeding edge technologies. This place is a playground and the to-be-announced showcase of my projects and thoughts.


Grono.net (Warsaw, Poland)

Major (first and until recently biggest) on-line social network service in Poland. I was hired as a JavaScript guru to clean up a mess and set standards for future client-side code development in this high scale environment.

Starting with multiple JS frameworks, libraries and a messy, unstandardized, spaghetti code, after overwhelming amount of work we ended up with consistent library with solid API and good documentation. We have standardized work flow across company and developed internal set of guidelines about coding style and good practices.



AGH – University of Science and Technology in Cracow
Faculty: Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics.
Field of Studies: Automatics and Robotics.


E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: ffreak

Talk to me about

I am a busy man, but I enjoy working on high scale projects and solving difficult problems. So if you need high skills and creativity to brainstorm some idea, solve some problem, or develop some solution then don’t hesitate to contact me.